neotree with vc-mode

neotree can work with vc-mode. So it works like However its feature is disabled as default. Please add following configuration to your init.el for enabling it. You also enable vc-mode.

 '(neo-vc-integration '(face)))

Screenshot is here. Modified files are highlighted in magenta.


neotree supports showing vc information by face and char. We can also enable both of them as below.

 '(neo-vc-integration '(face char)))

This version screenshot is here. There are E(means edited) characters at Modified files.



Face names of neotree vc information are neo-vc-*-face(Ex neo-vc-edited-face). And characters of it is neo-vc-state-char-alist. You can custom as you like. Please read documentation or source code in more detail.


enjoy hacking neotree.